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400V 4,3 A, 0-400 HZ LOCATION: TESTING ROOM WARRANTYAll equipments comes with a 30 days warranty. . For assistance, please call, Request a Quote, or email Rexroth DKC11. A012 Control and power sections ready for operation. Deficiency of the control cabinet’s climate control. The drive controller is in Phase 2. Litco Automation carries the complete line of Rexroth Indramat HCS01 units and support components. 1 Series Manual (pdf). 96 ECODRIVE DKC01. Equipment is guaranteed to be received as described in the listing or a full refund will be given upon return. Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat DKC10. 1-040-7-FW Designation Operating mode at the mains single-phase three-phase three-phase Mains input voltage 1 x AC 230 3 x AC 230 3 x AC ±. DKC11. ECODRIVE DKC01. 3 is pointless, as the Sercos connection overwrites any instructions that you might send before they get acted on. -Dr. We also have Indramat ® drive software available for download. 2. 1-030-3-FW DKC**. The DKC series can be used for single or multi-axis actions. 1, HCS03. Additional files: DKC11. Indramat eco drive dkc11.3 manual phase 2

For some reason, most people broad jump over the first two and go straight to the third. Requiring minimal components, a typical ECODRIVE system axis needs only an Indramat DKC drive, an Indramat MKD AC servomotor, two interconnecting. Indramat Digital Drive Diagnostics Rev F 05/04 Fault Diagnostics E2-54 Drive Not Referenced D3-00 Command adjust commutation F2-07 Camshaft Invalid E2-55 Feedrate Override S-0-0108 =0 D3-01 Drive not ready for commutation command. 3-018-3-MGP-01VRS ECODRIVE Drive Controller Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links. -Nebel-Str. EUA Stock No26093: Brand/ ManufacturerIndramat: Manufacturer Part Number DKCFW. Indramat troubleshooting guides have causes listed in the order of most probable to least, yet the first thing many people do here is to replace the motor. 1/DKC11. The DKC1. 1 REdition 01 Operating Instructions Electric Drives and Controls Pneumatics Service. FW. Get in touch. 3,. · This message indicates that the drive is in phase 1, and has yet to trigger the switch to phase 2. A001 Communication phase 1. AP5001F1. This is a basic mistake. In 1965, Rexroth acquired Indramat, and went on to perfect DC servos and brushless AC servo systems, widely used in the automotive industry. A003 Communication Phase 3. Connecting to a DKC02. ECODRIVE03 Drive Controllers About this Documentation DOK-ECODR3-DKC**. 2 Drive Controller Type Codes DIAX 02 DDS, DKS, and DDC Fault Codes -1 Clearing data RAM-2 Checking and, if necessary, automatic clearing of the parameter memory (EEPROM) in the software module-3 Loading program-4 Checking Hardware-5 Initializing. Indramat eco drive dkc11.3 manual phase 2

Feedback defective. Relative drive-internal interpolation with actual feedback valuex100 Fig. CALL OR EMAIL US TODAY! Note: Some of these are complete operational manuals and can be large documents to download. Main Telephone. 1. Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround. 2 • D-97816 Lohr a. Indramat DKC Magna’s huge inventory allows us to carry factory refurbished Indramat DKC Drives of every power rating. Eliminate unnecessary machine downtime and save invaluable time and money by choosing Magna as your service and surplus provider. 3-4: Operation Modes Which operation modes can be selected in a certain device is written in the description for the operation mode parameters: Parameter: Primary mode of operation S-0-0032 Secondary operation mode 1 S-0-0033 Secondary operation mode 2 S. 1/03. About this documentation INDRAMAT GmbH • Bgm. Deficiency of the drive’s internal blower. The RAC 2 main spindle drive controller provides intelligent digital control of INDRAMAT 2AD asynchronous main spindle motors and 1MB frameless spindle motors with a continuous motor output of 30 to 52 kw at the drive shaft of the motor. A002 Communication phase 2. For 2. 4 Protection against dangerous movements. Callfor immediate assistance. Phase 2 A003 Communication phase 3 A010 Drive HALT. P0 –“Phase 0” (only with SERCOS communication) P1 –“Phase 1” P2 –“Phase 2” P3 –“Phase 3” PL –“Basic Parameter Load” UL –“Basic Load” Status diagnostic messages A000 Communication phase 0 A001 Communication phase 1 A002 Communication phase 2 A003 Communication phase 3 A010 Drive HALT. All of our Indramat ® servo drives and motors are warrantied, and we stand behind our product 100%. Indramat eco drive dkc11.3 manual phase 2

3. 1 Pdf User Manuals. 4. 3-040-7-FW INDRAMAT - product information; DKC11. 3-100-7-FW DKC11. DKC11. Install climitization feature to the cabinet. Command “S-0-0127 C1 Communication phase 3 transition check” must be started before the drive continues to phase 3. 1/DKC11. ECODRIVE03 SMT-02VRS Replacing the Firmware 2-1 DOK-ECODR3-SMT-02VRS**-FV01-EN-P 2 Replacing the Firmware Notes on Replacing the Firmware When replacing, please note the following: 1. Regular price 00 . 12 Month Warranty Firmware is not included. Get complete Indramat and Rexroth legacy drive manuals. Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat CTA10-1 Manual (pdf) Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat ECODRIVE03 Manual (pdf) Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat ECODRIVE03 Manual 2 (pdf) Bosch / Rexroth / Indramat DKC02. · Drivetop must be connected to your drive to function. A101 Drive in VELOCITY control. 1 Drive Controllers DOK-ECODRV-DKC01/11. 1 Drive Controller DOK-ECODRV-DKC02. Rexroth acquired Indramat and still supports the EcoDrive components. You can connect the drive to single and three phase 230V power supplies or to 380 volt to 480 volt three phase power supplies. 3-040, -100, -200 Instruction Manual Type of Documentation DOK-ECODR3-DKC40*200UL-IB01-EN-P Document TypecodeB364-01/EN Internal File Reference This documentation provides information on the installation and operation Purpose of. Indramat eco drive dkc11.3 manual phase 2

Tool Applications with SERCOS, Analog and Parallel interface (DKC11. 2. Manuals are listed by product type and type code. If connecting RS232 an IKB005 cable must be used for the Type3 DKCs, and an IKS0101 for a Type1. Specification. 3 family includes analog, stepper motor, and positioning interfaces. Incorrect control cabinet dimensioning regarding the head ventilation. Indramat Rexroth DIAX02 DKS01. ECODRIVE DKC01. 00. If you are having issues troubleshooting your Indramat ® servo drive or motor, we offer drive manuals and drive fault codes. Remedy: For 1. Home » Indramat Rexroth Drives » Rexroth Indramat DKC. 3-040. 1 Drive Controllers 4. · 2. ECODRIVE DKC drive controllers ECODRIVE DKC01. 1/DKC11. Danger to life, electric shock and severe bodily injury! 3-016-7-FW -INPUT:3XAC 200. 3. Indramat eco drive dkc11.3 manual phase 2

A003 Communication phase 3. 3-040-7-FW. A013 Ready for power on. FWA-ECODR3-SGP-01VRS-MS FWA-ECODR3-SGP-02VRS-MS FWA-ECODR3-SGP-03VRS-MS FWA-ECODR3-SMT-01VRS-MS FWA-ECODR3-SMT-02VRS-MS. 3****-PR05-EN-P Note: The following documentation is not required in its entirety for project planning. SHIPPINGShipping charges. ! Home › REXROTH INDRAMAT ECODRIVE DKC. Page 2 About this Documentation Rexroth EcoDrive 03 Rexroth EcoDrive 03 Title Drive Controllers DKC03. Rexroth IndraDrive C Drive Controllers HCS02. 1 Procedure for Exchanging Devices Danger of an accident with life-threatening voltage levels! A010 Drive HALT. 1*-PRJ3-EN-P Project Planning Manual mannesmann Rexroth engineering 270950 Indramat. Bosch Rexroth supports your in-house troubleshooting and maintenance efforts with downloadable copies of Indramat product manuals. 480V,50-60 HZ 1,7 A OUTPUT:3XAC 0. If the blower fails exchange the drive controller. 1 Project Planning Manual. DRW Figure 4-1: Type Description of the Drive Components 4-2 Exchanging Drive Components DOK-ECODRV-ASE-02VRS**-WAR1-EN-P • 07. ECODRIVE DKC02. A103 Position mode with encoder 2. In 1958, Indramat was founded in Germany to produce the best motion control solutions for industrial applications like printing presses, machine tools, packaging machines, and other precision work. Indramat eco drive dkc11.3 manual phase 2

A102 Position mode with encoder 1. INDRAMAT ECO DRIVE MODEL: DKC01. Phase 2 establishes the time and data protocols for the phases that follow. 1 Drive Controllers Technical data Power connection / Power section Symbol Unit DKC01. Indramat Rexroth DIAX02 DDS02. . A000 Communication phase 0. 3-100-7-FW fully refurbished, aligned, and tested. 1****-PRJ2-EN-P Project Planning Manual mannesmann Rexroth engineering 267473 Indramat. 3-040-7-FW SERVO DRIVE ECODRIVE INDRAMAT MANUAL. A002 Communication Phase 2 Parameter Mode A003 Communication Phase 3 Parameter Mode A010 Drive Halt Description: With the set control, the function drive halt would be activated. Transmission of the feedback signals disturbed 3. Indramat Drive Controller 3 Phase 380 to 480 V ac 40 A. 1-2 Important Notes Rexroth EcoDrive 03 DKC**. The drive controller must be on. The current parameters must be secured. The drive- stop-function serves to stop the motor with a defined acceleration and defined jerk. Indramat ecodrive is the optimum servo drive solution for a wide range of applications, including packaging, converting, material handling, robotics, machining, metalforming, printing and assembly. Mannesmann rexroth Indramat ECODRIVE DKC11. 1/DKC11. Or Present your best items with Auctiva’s FREE Scrolling Gallery. View online or download Mannesmann rexroth Indramat ECODRIVE DKC11. Indramat eco drive dkc11.3 manual phase 2

200 DOK-ECODR3-DKC40*200UL-IB01-EN-P Contact with Electrical Parts DANGER High electrical voltage! Firmware can be ordered separately. 1 Drive Controller Type Codes. 1 Drive Controllers DOK-ECODRV-ASE-04VRS**-FKB1-EN-P Functional Description: ASE 04VRS mannesmann Rexroth engineering 275270 Indramat. A002 Communication Phase 2. Drive running servo forwards and backwards. A100 Drive in TORQUE control. Indramat eco drive dkc11.3 manual phase 2

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